Our approach is individual to reflect the aims and ethos of each hotel-spa business and we will help identify the key priorities.

Feasibilities and business plans

If you are seeking to expand your current spa or reviewing your commercial results, we will provide analysis on current performance and develop strategy for future sustained growth. This could include design briefing, investment opportunity and marketing strategy. 

Hotel integration

Sales journey, check-in and experiential flow all form part of the “spa product” for hotel guests and spa day visitors. Plan for success through effective booking strategy; customer service integration from all departments and flow control measures to ensure quality space management. 

Fitness and membership

The spa business mix can benefit greatly from a well managed membership with a pricing strategy, benefits package and terms and conditions which ensure it integrates with other revenue streams. Avoid potential pitfalls with an effective membership strategy.

Suppliers and spa retail

Your choice of product house says something about your brand and it is therefore important to navigate through the choices to reach the best solution and develop a strong working partnership to ensure that the experience is enhanced for your guests and the retail opportunity is optimised.

Award submissions

Writing submissions to reflect all the elements needed to demonstrate success can be time consuming and challenging.  We have experience in guiding our clients through the process towards award winning success.

Pre-opening and strategic management

Developing a critical path to opening and managing the process ensures teams stay on track and deadlines are met. Project management is a key function in taking actions forward and ensuring plans are delivered.

Recruitment and people development

At the heart of everything, finding the right team to deliver to the vision of the business is key. With a wide ranging network and proven success in securing talent, we can support team sourcing and team training and development plans.

Marketing and revenue strategies

Having a separate and focussed marketing plan is a key part of driving spa and membership revenue. Defining the sales journey, clarifying booking t’s and c’s and optimising yield through direct and third party bookings are key to commercial success.

Driving hotel occupancy

Spa facilities increase room occupancy but the quality of the spa experience and customer service delivered within those facilities can enhance or detract from hotel brand perception and reputation.  Ensure your spa is reaching its potential not just as an independent profit centre, but as an enhancement to the residential stay. 

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